Sunday, May 17, 2015


In any context and by any measure, this song -- "Stand" by Sly & the Family Stone -- represents the epitome of what it means to be engaged in struggle yet maintain your truest sense of self. It is my personal go-to song for deep, bone-tensing inspiration.

Witness what's happening around the country (world?) today among those stifled by social injustice, prejudice, oppression, bigotry or any of the -isms that are associated. This song preaches truth to the n-th degree, if you have the ears to hear it.

Whether I feel scared, depressed, disenchanted, hopeless, lost, confused, you name it, this song can refuel my spirit. That's because it's got soul, y'all. Flavor. To the max, and that's a fact.

It's old school with an eternal feel, at least rhythmically. And lyrically. Timeless in its message, profound in its tone and enduring in its legacy.


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